Friday, February 1, 2013

Try a steel water bottle.

A few years ago I ordered a steel water bottle because I'd read about them, or seen a cute girl at the gym carrying one--maybe both.  Anyway, last week I ordered another.  Not because the original is worn out, but because I wanted a larger bottle for when the hot weather gets here.

You should try a steel bottle.  Here's why:

Whether you're taking it to work or taking it on a hike, steel bottles are sturdy.  Like 'drop it off a cliff' sturdy.  I'm pretty sure if a bear attacked, I could wedge my steel bottle in its mouth and then run.  On Tuesday at the park a duck attacked my shoe laces, but I didn't use the bottle trick.  The duck might have flown off with my bottle.

In the past, I used disposable bottled water and recycled the bottles, but energy wise I think a single steel bottle is more efficient.  At a rate of four bottles a week multiplied by 52 weeks, I used 208 bottles per year (which is 6.5 of those 32-bottle cases you buy at the grocery store). 

I've tried special plastic bottles that aren't supposed to leach toxic chemicals into your stomach, but plastic sometimes picks up a weird taste and are easier to break.  They make aluminum bottles that are cheaper (and lighter) than the steel ones, but the aluminum ones have a plastic liner because aluminum isn't good for you.

A good stainless steel bottle is sturdy, your water won't taste funny and you won't need to make as many trips to the recycling center.  So try one.

(I use Klean Kanteen steel water bottles, but there are lots of manufacturers.  Pick what's right for you.)

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