Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nice review of DEAD GIRL

This week my urban fantasy novel DEAD GIRL received a nice review by author Milinda Jay.  She posted her review to Amazon and to her personal website, where it's filed under "Books Worth Reading 2012."  It's in some pretty good company on her site, and I'm glad she enjoyed the story.

For an author, reviews are a tricky thing.  Everyone tells you reviews will help your sales, so you're eager to get them.  But you're also kind of worried because you never know if you'll get a good review or a bad one. 

Either way, my advice to fellow authors is to never react to reviews. If it's a good review, then they enjoyed the story and you should simply say, "Thank you for reading my book."  If it's a bad review, nothing you say is going to change their mind, so don't spend the energy trying to defend yourself.  Go work on your next book.

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