Thursday, June 28, 2012

Customize Your Chimp

A few weeks ago, a reader here at Chimpwithpencil asked if I would install an email subscription button since she doesn't use RSS feeds.  I'd never thought of it until she brought it up--thanks, May!

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your Chimp content.  And to get it the way you want it.  So here are a few options.

How do you want your steak cooked?

On the right of this page, near the top, is the Email Subscription.  Enter your email, click 'Submit,' and get the latest post sent right to you.  Just like me throwing your newspaper onto your front steps.

If you prefer RSS Feeds, scroll down to "Subscribe to Chimp" and you can pick Posts, or Posts and Comments.

Two sides come with that.

Facebook.  If you're always on FB, maybe you'd like to hit my author page and share your thoughts.  Search for:  Author Mark Boss.

Twitter.  I promise not to Tweet every time I make a snack.  Because I snack a lot.  @markbosswriter

See the row of tiny boxes under each post? You can click those to Email the post, Blog it, Twitter, Facebook or Google +1 it.  If you find a post interesting, your friends might, too.  So share.  That's what makes the Internet fun.

Did you save room for desert?

If you want to try my novels, hit the "Learn About My Novels" button next to the huge cover of DEAD GIRL.  Or click the individual covers--they take you to Amazon, where you can download a free sample.  Sample first.  If you don't like, you haven't lost any money and you won't be bitter.

Goodreads users can find reviews I've written of other books that are often a lot better than mine.

I hope these options help, and if you have other suggestions, please leave a Comment.

Thank you.

(The pic is of a robot monkey.  I found it on Crofty'sBlog.  The best part of the picture is the guy standing next to the robot, talking on his cell phone.  He's like, "Hey, dude, guess what? I built a robot monkey! No, seriously.  Why? Um...'cause...uh...Dude, I built a robot monkey!")


  1. I just feel compelled to brag about the book "DEAD GIRL". Even on Chimp's own site.
    - Excellent book!
    - Great story line.
    - Brilliant use and construction of a Shadow world. That world really came to life.
    - Enough description to allow the reader to be engrossed in the scene; I'm mean really engrossed - I was there.
    - It's a movie, really!
    This book is for most anyone. It is adventure, fiction, and perhaps fantasy. There is good, evil, and many neutral characters (and animals) that contribute to the adventure. There are some mildly gross scenes but I allowed my 13 year old daughter to read it and she was not scared or grossed out.
    A good book tends to do several things: it makes one want to stay up too late because it is hard to put down, it teleports the reader to the time and place of the scene (so much so that when the phone rings it is startling as you are rudely jerked back to your real life), and you tend to think about the book for days after finishing it.
    Dead Girl does all these things. I decidedly recommend it.

  2. Thanks for the review of DEAD GIRL. If my stories give someone a brief, enjoyable break at the end of a hard day, then it's worth all the effort. A story really only comes to life when a reader connects with it.