Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My new novel DEAD GIRL

On May 24, 25, and 26, my new novel DEAD GIRL will be free to download from Amazon.com.  If you enjoy urban fantasy, whether it's Harry Potter or Harry Dresden, I think you'll like this story.

Click the Amazon link on the right of this page, and please tell your friends.

Thank you!

* * *

DEAD GIRL is the story of sixteen-year-old Dahlia Grove, who is trapped in the Shadow Lands, a parallel reality where packs of feral children battle monsters for survival in a haunted city.

She has one week to escape. If she fails, she dies. DEAD GIRL.

* * *
Here's a brief excerpt:

Dahlia lay still in the easy chair in her trashed apartment.

There were no cars rolling by on the roads below the apartment building.  No engine noises.  No horns.  No sirens.  Andrew wasn't thumping up and down the hallway.  Dad wasn't singing in the shower.  No smell of coffee.  No sound of her mother's voice.

Outside the door in the hallway, something grunted.

What was that?

She sat up fast.  Opened her eyes.

Damn.  Still here in the Shadow Lands.

The front door shuddered.  The chair she'd jammed beneath the door handle shook.

Dahlia pulled the ice pick from her pocket, crept around the broken glass to the door, and looked out the peephole.

A fat monster wriggled along the hallway, nose to the floor, sniffing.  The creature looked like a long-haired walrus.  It oozed by.  She heard it snuffle, then it curled around on itself and came back.


It thumped against the door.  Dahlia jumped back.

This is the only way out.

The monster grunted louder and smashed into the door.  The chair's legs snapped and the door swung wide.  The monster's head came down on the broken chair.  It spotted her and growled.

The fat creature filled the entire doorway.

Dahlia ran to the window and pushed aside the plastic blinds.

No sun shone, just a flat, uneven gray light, diffused by heavy cumulus clouds.

The creature knocked the chair aside.  Its swollen body wriggled through the doorway.

Dahlia flicked the latch on the window and yanked up, but the window wouldn't budge.

The monster surged along the short hallway toward the living room.

She grabbed the fireproof safe off the floor and flung it through the window, shattering the lower glass.

Poked her head out of the broken window and looked down forty eight feet.

She looked back.  The monster reached the living room carpet and spread its jaws wide.

She swung a leg out over the window sill.  Her boot found the ledge, hit a pile of glass, and slipped.

She steadied herself.  The creature roared and surged forward.

* * *
Find out what happens next.  Read DEAD GIRL.


  1. So excited to hear this! Thanks for offering this title for free. I just finished The Cultist about 10 seconds ago. I enjoyed it so much and was planning to buy Dead Girl as well. Thanks for posting!

  2. Thanks for reading The Cultist, and I hope everyone enjoys Dead Girl.

  3. I'll be downloading this tonight!

  4. Thanks Tony, I hope you enjoy the story!

  5. This book is amazing! It is so good. I just finished it about an hour ago. Can't wait for dead girl 2!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Anonymous! I am hard at work on Dead Girl 2, where she will find both new friends and new challenges.

      Thanks for reading!