Sunday, January 29, 2012

Up Tweets, Widget Creep, and You

From time to time, we here at Chimp add new features to the blog.  On the top of the column to your right, you can see a new button for 'Up Tweeting.'

If you:

A.  Use Twitter. 


2.  Enjoy one of the posts you read here at Chimpwithpencil


c.  Please hit the Up Tweet button and share it with your friends on Twitter.

This will help spread the post and soon everyone will be talking about Miller's Grizzled Langur.  Or Electronic Privacy.  Or Neutrinos.

When the demands made on an army during a war keep expanding, they call it 'mission creep.'  And when management keeps adding features to a piece of software, the programmers call it 'feature creep.' 

At the risk of widget creep, I added this button because I think people like to share stuff that interests them with their friends.  So why not make it easy to do that?

Stun your friends with your new knowledge and help a brother out with an Up Tweet. 

Thank you.

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