Sunday, January 8, 2012

Examining the Present, Blogging the Future, and a clever slice of bologna.

A lot happening here at Chimpwithpencil.  You may have noticed Bruce Schneier's blog listed in my Links on the right hand side of this page.  Schneier is a well-known security technologist and best-selling author who examines the human side of security.  Thanks to Lori Ames at The PRFreelancer, I received an advance copy of Schneier's new book LIARS & OUTLIERS:  Enabling the Trust that Society Needs to Thrive.

Here at Chimp we often discuss technology and its impact on the people who use it, whether its law enforcement cameras or social networking or cloud data storage.  So naturally I'm excited to read and review this book.  The back cover states, "In today's hyper-connected society, understanding the mechanisms of trust is as important as understanding electricity was a century ago."  LIARS & OUTLIERS will be out in late February, so in the weeks leading up to then, we'll have fuel for some interesting discussions.

Thanks to you, readership and pageviews are up here at Chimp.  Over 1,000 hits in the last month, including the first time where we broke 100 hits in a single day.  Readership in the US and Europe remain strong, and we're happy to see new readers from Africa and Asia.  Still haven't made any progress into South America, but we did pick up a reader in Nepal!

This is a good opportunity to recommend a few sites I've stumbled across in my Internet travels.  And if you've found something cool you'd like to share, please leave a link in the Comments.

If you enjoy quick, hard-hitting writing, check out 50 to 1.  It features 50-word stories and the opening lines of novels.  I have an opening line in the current 7 January issue, but honestly, it's not nearly as clever as the first line from Harry Pauff.  Trust me, hit the site and scroll down until you see his line.

Also, if you're wandering the Internet on a quest for scifi pop culture goodness, check out Hard Core Nerdity.  I found this site through the witty ramblings of a random Twitter acquaintance and it looks cool. 

If your tastes trend more toward science fiction and fantasy novels, visit Sword&Laser.  I'm not sure how I found this place, but my best guess is that I somehow crawled my way there from watching Tekzilla with Veronica Belmont, Robert Heron and Patrick Norton.  Sword & Laser is a Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt project, so that's probably the connection.  Or it could have been Twitter.  Veronica has 5 or 6 followers on there.

Okay, you've got places to go and stuff to read--so get going!

(The awesome pic of Mothra rocking Godzilla with the Wing Flap Attack is from The Film League.)


  1. Some great links in this update! I’m interested in reading the Schneier book someday. It reminds of a book I read long ago that described the cooperation that was achieved by opposite sides of the trench warfare in WWI. There was a certain amount of trust and distrust. It was found that there were certain sections of the trenches where there were comparably very few casualties even though the enemies were within easy rifle shot of each other. They reached a cooperation as to when and where gunfire would occur and there was hell to pay if one side breached the understanding.
    On another note, you may think the Pauff 1st line was funny but the “thick and coppery” quote really piqued my interest. Dude, what’s next? But on a blog titled Chimpwith Pencil, how could not plagiarize or paraphrase that ageless 1st line, “The sea was full of angry monkeys.”

  2. That's an interesting WW1 story, Olaf. Apparently, even in warfare there are instances of rule-making and cooperation.

    Glad you enjoyed the links!