Friday, November 4, 2011

Let's stoke the economy!

It's a tough economy these days, and readers need a break, too.  So I made coupons on the Smashwords bookseller site to give folks a price cut.  For a limited time, you can get either of my ebooks for $1.99.

THE CULTIST by Mark Boss:  A young woman races to save a boy lost in the New Mexico wilderness before a vicious cult leader can kill him. (A thriller/young adult novel.)

Coupon Code:  NP57N


HIRED GUNS by Mark Boss:  When a rogue scientist sells a bioweapon to terrorists who poison 8,000 people, reformed gangster Hector Tombs leads a team of adventurers to capture the antidote.  (A thriller novel.)

Coupon Code:  FK67G

* * *
Also, I'm preparing an interesting article on Vikings that I should post here this weekend.

Thanks for reading!
-- Mark

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