Friday, August 19, 2011

It's a marathon, not a sprint.

This week chimpwithpencil passed 2,000 total pageviews since it started back in April.  Thanks to all of you, the readership has grown and more people are leaving comments.  I like that interactivity and am open to your thoughts and suggestions.

On the fiction writing front, I received my first two reviews of my thriller HIRED GUNS.  In the past, book reviews were the domain of critics employed at large newspapers and a handful of magazines.  Thanks to the Internet and free blogging tools, democracy has reached book reviewing.  Bloggers all over the world read and review books, and for the most part they are free from corporate influence.  Some bloggers receive copies of the books from the authors, while others buy them, but they are not beholden to any one publisher or writer.

Booked Up, a book blog based in the United Kingdom, wrote a thorough review of HIRED GUNS, pointing out the good and also the areas where I need to improve.  This is helpful feedback, and I am going back through the manuscript to fix some flaws. 

Also Chris Rhatigan over at his Death by Killing blog wrote a favorable review.  Chris covers short crime fiction all over the Internet and in print.  He's a busy guy, so I appreciate him taking the time to read my work.

If you've read HIRED GUNS or THE CULTIST, please feel free to leave an honest review at Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or on your own blog.  I am always working to improve my craft, and I take your feedback seriously.

Thanks for reading!

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