Friday, July 15, 2011

A Toad, a Suggestion, and Maintenance

1.  In a followup to our previous discussion of cryptozoology, scientists in Borneo have found living Sambas Stream Toads.  According to an Associated Press story, these toads were thought to be extinct since 1924, until Professor Indraneil Das and his team found them in a remote mountain area.  Good job, Professor! 

It's very cool when something we thought was lost is now found.

2.  I periodically make small changes and upgrades to Chimp.  I don't know if readers have noticed, but there is a line of small boxes underneath each post.  These icon boxes represent email, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Buzz and a Like button. 

So if you find a story you particularly enjoy, you can share it with friends by clicking whichever box you want at the bottom of the post. 

3.  I'm finally upgrading to Windows 7.  The unopened box has stared at me for two months now, and it's time to take the plunge.  I've heard good things about 7, but have just been too busy to install it.  With the amount of stuff I have to back up and reinstall, it may be a few days before I post a new article on Chimp.  I appreciate your patience.

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