Thursday, June 2, 2011

Children of the Sun: The art of Deth P. Sun

Art is reactive.  Most times you only need to glance at a picture to see if you like it or don't.  But some art makes you think.  The human mind can't help itself.  We see an image and our minds build a story around it.

Deth P. Sun created these pictures.  I don't know Sun, so I don't know what his pictures represent to him--I just know they make me think.  I first saw his work in Giant Robot magazine and I reacted.  Maybe it's the haunting nature of the art.  It's serious but not gloomy.  And I like cats and drew a lot of cats back when I used to draw.  His creatures have character, personality, and they appear to be on perilous quests in dangerous lands.

And there are subtleties here.  For instance, in this picture the cat and ghost emerge from the cave to find a massive coyote swimming ashore.  If you look carefully, you'll see a skeletonized dead cat on the hill above, watching over them.  Fascinating.

So for a moment today, look at a piece of art and make up your own story.

(Here is Deth P. Sun's site.  And Giant Robot.)


  1. reminds me of ed gorey.. i like it.

  2. Yeah, Tony, you're right. I didn't think of Gorey's stuff in connection, but there is a similar darkness to it.

    That and I just like cats with swords.