Monday, April 25, 2011

New novel out for Kindle

If you enjoy reading thriller novels and have a Kindle or use the Kindle app, I have a new ebook on Amazon titled HIRED GUNS. 

You can check out my Amazon author's page here or just visit the Stories page to the right.

Here's the summary:
* * *
Determined to overcome his past, paroled LA gangbanger Hector Tombs finds a steady job and a pretty girlfriend.  But a single day of bloodshed changes all that.

Elite Spetsnaz commando Alexander Turgenev fled Russia with a price on his head.  Now he leads a team of mercenaries hired out to a rogue scientist dealing in biochemical weapons.  Worse, he's fallen for the team's beautiful and deadly sniper.

When Turgenev's boss murders Hector's girlfriend and poisons eight thousand civilians, Hector and Turgenev go to war for the antidote.  From street fights in Tokyo to gun battles on the African savanna, Hector Tombs must use the skills that put him in prison to save thousands from the grave.

* * *
Thanks for reading!


  1. Is the name Tombs a Veronica Mars reference?

  2. Strangely, no. I liked Veronica Mars and used to always watch that show. Bummed when it went off, but Kristen Bell has gone on to the movies and seems to be doing well.

    I got the name from the bounty hunter in Chronicles of Riddick. Just thought it sounded cool and years later decided to use it for my protagonist.

    I actually write down names that might be good for fictional characters.

    Thanks for commenting!